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Giving First Guitar Lesson - What to Teach?

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  • Giving First Guitar Lesson - What to Teach?

    A friend of my wife asked if I could teach their 8 year old daughter how to play guitar.
    I've never taught children before, and was wondering if anyone had any pointers on where to start.

    I don't think she knows how to play anything yet, so this would be a real 'first' lesson.

    Should I start with the basic open chords? A-C-E-D-G?
    Would a chromatic walk up and down the strings be a good exercise for a kid?
    Do you just have them strum quarter notes to a song?

    Should I have a Taylor Swift song for her to learn? Any other songs that would be good for a kid to learn?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    At that age, anything you can get them to get interested in the instrument is probably your best bet. To get my daughter to practice her violin, I showed her how to play the melody to "Let It Go".

    For me, I started on piano at an early age, which forced me to learn how to read music (and get me interested in the various classical music idioms). But that worked for me. Trying it with my daughter was an exercise in futility.


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      I agree. Start with chords and get her playing one of her favorite songs.


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        I agree favorite song worked for me. Reality check was, "pick another, thats a song ( Highway Star ) you're not ready to play yet". I was 13 I think?


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          Thanks everyone. Turns out that she is a Taylor swift fan, so I guess I'll figure out some stuff for her to practice based on a Swift song.


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            I know its a 2 y/o thread but... Since I play lead, I get asked how does one get started on that path? Even before chords I start a newbie on the major scale. It builds pick control, finger strength/fretting technique, is easy to know when its right (assuming they understand do re me ...) and can be rewarding pretty quickly once you introduce intervals as solos over chords,