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  • Mini Pedal Board Fever

    Well, I admit it - I am inspired by Dave's mini pedal board (not just the size or lack thereof) but actually playing through that setup last weekend at the Sam Ash meetup, I'm hooked! And ya know, I'm getting tired of lugging around my rather huge and very FLAT Furman pedal case. It's really big. It's really heavy when loaded with full-sized old pedals that I probably shouldn't be taking outside the studio anyway. So here goes!

    The next steps are what you would expect for any gear-addicted guitar junkie....more mini pedals, a board and power supply!?

    The Effects (* - some I already had):
    • Mini Wampler dB+/Buffer&Boost
    • *Mini Crybaby Wah -or- *DOD FX Wah
    • *Mini Mooer Funky Monkey
    • *Mini Dunlop Fuzz Face FF3
    • Mini Ibanez Tube Screamer - or - ToneCity Golden Plexi
    • *Mini Flashback Delay
    • *Mini HOF Reverb
    • *Mini Ditto Looper
    • Mini Korg Pitchblack Tuner
    The 2 mini pedals I'll add to my wish list are both from Wampler - the Tumnus and the mini EGO Compressor. To build the rest of the board, I'll save up for those later. I'll add the mini Ibanez Tube Screamer because I already have a full-sized TS-9 AnalogMan mod'ed - and it's an essential sound for great overdriven blues. I don't have a mini tuner, but I notice how much I like having the kill switch of a tuner at my feet - actually I prefer it at the end of the chain. So, we'll try the Mini Korg Pitchblack. The mini Mooer Funky Monkey is just a weird pedal - but I like it. Th DOD FX Wah/Volume is a compact pedal already - kind of dual-purpose use as wah or volume.

    The mini pedal board - I'll just follow Dave's lead and try the 18" x 7" BlackBird Feather Board w/case. They make a larger board, but...see above comments about my existing Furman.

    The Power - I think Dave went with the Gig Rig's Generator + Distributor + Isolator, but it's quite pricey. I'll check out the MXR ISO Brick instead - got some nice variable voltage to try on the Mini Fuzz Face and also supports higher voltage for my BOSS and Eventide H9 pedals.

    Cables - I dunno, I see the Lava soderless...but I'm no stranger to a soldering iron. I've never done a custom pedal board setup with nicely dressed wiring. Maybe that's another $100 well-spent?

    I'll share some pics as I put it together and then we'll see at the next jam what we get.

    Cheers - rock on!

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    Yeah, I'm thinking of doing a mini board also. Something to take to PGC or open mic events so I can still get sound similar to my main rig. I really dig Dave's Blackbird board and I'm also considering a simple Gator GPB-LAK-1. For a few bucks more, the Blackbird certainly has much more character.
    Keep us posted!


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      Away we go....


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        I've been using this board for a little while now. It's a pedal train nano. The spot with the micro vibe is always changing, but everything else has been pretty consistent. I would like to try the Tumnus to replace the soulfood though.

        Click image for larger version

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