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  • Mic an amp tone to share

    How is this done....I need a Usb Mic ...right....and I have an iMac. I have some amps...whats next....iMovie? Quicktime? Do I record these tones to either one of those applications? My Axe fx is goes right into the Mac via Usb What are some good amp Mic things to do....Also...Why would I need to mic an amp while playing at home?

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    Mic > Preamp > Converter/Interface > DAW/Recorder.
    Apple's Garageband can do it AFAIK.

    A USB mic is generally all of these in one.
    I'd say a small 2 channel USB Focusrite/Presonus interface would get you there with the flexibility to use whatever mic you'd like.
    There's an industry standard mic from Shure called an SM-57 which is inexpensive and can take being hit with drum sticks. It's pretty affordable.
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      I echo the 57. A wise man turned me on to a GLS ES-57. It's ~$30 on Amazon.


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        Cool thanks guys.


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          It depends on what you're trying to do. If you're getting into recording, then yes, a nice small interface (which will have mic pres and converters built-in) will do to start.

          Getting to know how to mic an amp is very important and EASY! Put a mic on-axis (90 degree/perpendicular) to the speaker and put it right in the center. Record 5-10 secs of music; a little bit of lead and little bit of chords. Then, move the mic to the middle of the speaker, meaning half way between the center and the edge and record the exact same thing. Then move the mic to the edge of the speaker and repeat. Now do those 3 positions again, but this time, with the mic 45 degrees off-axis to the speaker. Listen back and that's how you start to get to know how you like to mic your cab.