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  • PRS SE7 mods

    I have this PRS SE7 that, for the money, is quite an excellent guitar. I figured it could be a pretty decent mod platform. What would be some of the modifications you guys would do? I replaced the pickups with the Liqufier/Crunch Lab pair. Some other possibilities:

    - Tremolo? I've seen extreme cases where someone added a Floyd Rose system. As it stands, the tailpiece is quite good.
    - Tuners (for above), like the PRS Phase II tuners?

    Anything else?

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    The SE series is definitely a great value. Like you said, for the price they are excellent.

    If you're not having issues with the bridge thats on it now I wouldn't do the Floyd Rose thing. That is a lot of work and if you don't end up liking it it's a lot more work to go back to they way it is now.

    Did you swap out all of the electronics when you changed the pickups? The pots, switch, capacitor and jack? That can "improve" your tone a bit, but for me it's more of how those things feel. I'm not sure whats in there now, but quality components are sturdier and more reliable.

    Something I would do is consider a good fret dress (if it were me I'd refret it with stainless steel frets). That has a huge impact on the playability and feel. Also a new nut, perhaps a bone nut.

    Keep us updated!


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      If you're talking about a standard PRS vibrato system verses the stock SE hardtail, that is a mod that the PRS repair/mod team will do for you (not sure how much that costs though).


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        Update: the PRS mod team quoted me $1000 (plus shipping). Apparently the only 7-string bridges are Private Stock and a considerable amount of routing is involved. So this puts an end to this (apparently) quixotic quest.