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  • PGC Guidelines & Rules

    Hello and welcome to the Philly Guitar Club! While we like to keep rules to a minimum and encourage members to speak their minds, we have put in place a set of guidelines that are common sense, easy to follow and should ensure that everyone is able to enjoy their time here.

    1. We're here to build a positive, healthy community. Be kind. Be considerate. We will be meeting in person, so act on here as you would face to face with your fellow members.

    2. Keep conversations relative to topics. (Don't hijack threads.)

    3. Comments that are not constructive (i.e. don't add to a conversation) may be removed at admin discretion. Members who constantly post unconstructive comments may be suspended or banned at admin discretion.

    4. Topics like r
    eligion and politics are better left for a different site. These are never ending, no-win conversations. Live and let live.

    5. We do not allow any posts that contain obscene images; bigoted, hateful or racially/sexually offensive statements; has content that advocates illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them; unauthorized copyrighted material; language that defames, abuses or threatens others; advertising or any form of commercial solicitation and/or material that does not pertain to the sub-forum’s given topic. Posting or linking to any content that is illegal, sexually explicit, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate in nature is prohibited. Content will be removed immediately and the offender may be banned at the discretion of the staff. Racist, sexist, hateful, or overly offensive actions are not allowed.

    6. If you see an offensive post or someone causing trouble, please notify us via the "Contact Us" link in the footer.

    7. This is a US based forum, as such, all posts must be in English.

    8. One account per person.

    9. This isn't Grammar school, but please type properly. The forum will be much easier to read.

    10. We reserve the right to change or update our rules and privacy policies at any time. It is your responsibility to keep current on changes, site announcements, adjustments, and modifications made to these rules.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact the PGC by using the "Contact Us" link in the footer.

    Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and consideration. Have fun!