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Guitar + BBQ = GuitarBQ at Mark's Place

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  • Guitar + BBQ = GuitarBQ at Mark's Place

    Let's do it again! Guitar + BBQ and Jamming at Mark's house.

    Bring a guitar, bass, harmonica, accordion, or other instrument of choice.
    Bring something to grill or smoke on the BBQ.
    Bring something to drink.
    Bring your enthusiasm and love of the guitar.

    June 3rd. 1pm - 6pm (or later, if we need).

    RSVP privately to me on this forum, on Facebook or via email:


    PS - my studio includes the following gear:
    - 6 guitars of various types
    - 1 x Fender Vibrolux
    - 1 x Egnater Rebel w/cabs
    - 2 x Marshall combos
    - 1 x Hartke 4x10 bass amp
    - 1 x worthlessly bad drum kit